For more than a decade our experienced team has assisted our clients by identifying investment vehicles in high-growth markets, using extensive research and analysis to identify opportunities suited to each client’s individual position and risk tolerance.

Building strong client relationships through trust and transparency, we use our in-depth understanding of the market to develop bespoke strategies tailored for each individual client.

we provide clients with the resources, knowledge and market access necessary to build a solid financial future, with our team of advisors always on hand to help overcome any obstacles you may face. Our client portal allows clients to keep track.


Since 2009 our approach has delivered an average return of 6% per annum to ourselves and our clients.


Based in Osaka.Kobe with a keen eye towards North American regions, we are investors in our own strategies, consistently delivering growth to our clients and securing our mutual long-term success. we understand fully and believe to have high-growth potential, with our team analyzing risk and managing performance.

We work with a wide range of clients at Sakura Retail, including leading tax and accountancy firms, family offices and high net worth individuals. The one thing they all have in common is a commitment to achieving their financial goals and a desire for a safe pair of hands to help get them there.

Corporate Profile

Company name:  Sakura Retail Co.ltd
Office Location: Higashimachi & Edomachi Bldg. 5F, 98-1 Edomachi, Chuo , ward ,Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Established: March 2009
Capital:  20 million yen
Operations: Management consulting, real estate brokerage and leasing in general
Bank:  Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd


Ryozo Kajiwara

Sakura Retail Co.LTD CEO

Academic background
Master’s Degree from the  Kwansei Gakuin Graduate School

Nobuyoshi Tsujiguchi


Born in 1947 in Ishikawa Prefecture

Graduated from the Kansai University Faculty of Law

Former Vice President of Osaka Bar Association

Lecturer at Kansai University and Ryukoku University (Sports Law)

Representative of the Sports Issues Study Group

Japan Sports Arbitration Agency (JSAA) Arbitrator Candidate

Keiichi Yuki


Osaka Bar Association Registration No. 31571

Born in Osaka, 1972

Graduated from the  Meiji University Faculty of Law, 1995

Passed the National Bar Examination in 2002

Joined the Judicial Research Institute (57th term), 2003

Registered as an attorney at law in 2004, joined Taiyo Law Office

2009 Opened her own law office

Collaboration, Attention to Detail, A Willingness to See a Plan Through to Completion and a Commitment to Constant Improvement and Excellence are Key Pillars of the Investment Culture.












At Sakura Retail, we specialise in providing the highest quality advice on all matters of wealth management, advising clients with varying financial resources and goals.

We believe that in order to achieve long-term financial prosperity, it is vital to make the right investments and to have a solid financial plan. Our role is to support our clients in these key areas.

Whether you are looking to generate an income, grow your capital or preserve your wealth, our investment management team will put your money to work for you with carefully selected opportunities tailored to your goals and risk tolerance.

Our experienced team of financial planners will help you chart a financial course to achieve your short, mid or long-term goals. We take our time to get to know each client, ensuring we fully understand what matters most to them so we can offer the very highest level of service.

Tax Planning

Taxes are a crucial consideration that have an impact on every aspect of your financial life. As part of our approach to financial planning, we’ll integrate a tailor-made tax planning solution to help manage your wealth and ensure your overall plan is tax-efficient.

It is crucial that tax planning happens throughout the year, as by the time your tax return is due, there are very few options left available to reduce your tax burden legally.

Our team of tax advisors has an in-depth knowledge of tax legislation covering all major global jurisdictions.

We can help reduce your effective tax rate through better planning and by considering current and potential lifestyle changes. We ensure that you take advantage of all credits and deductions legally available to you.


Today, as the domestic market shrinks due to the declining birthrate and aging population, an increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), despite their strong performance, are facing such problems as “lack of successors” and “inability to draw up future growth strategies.

The problem of lack of successors is particularly significant, and the number of business owners who have no choice but to close their businesses is increasing every year.

In this situation, business succession through “M&A” is recommended: by transferring a company to a reliable company through M&A, it is possible to continue and expand the business without discontinuing the corporate know-how that has been cultivated over the years.

Financial Consulting

We propose financial strategies to help companies achieve their business goals. Since different industries use different methods for financial strategies, we create investment plans for each industry and support fundraising. We mainly work with companies in the construction, real estate, and service industries, from those just starting out to those with annual sales of up to 3 billion yen.

We can help reduce your effective tax rate through better planning and by considering current and potential lifestyle changes. We ensure that you take advantage of all credits and deductions legally available to you.

Investment and Recovery Planning

Investment is necessary for a company to grow. We propose, prepare, and analyze plans to ensure that limited resources are directed to effective investments and properly recovered. We can help reduce your effective tax rate through better planning and by considering current and potential lifestyle changes. We ensure that you take advantage of all credits and deductions legally available to you.

Business Strategies

We make proposals for reviewing personnel and wages, preparing capital investment plans, etc., in order to improve and rationalize management efficiency. We analyze information such as domestic and international economic trends, and movements in regulations and legal amendments, as well as our accumulated experience, and propose strategies tailored to your company.

Business partnership

Business partnership refers to “a joint undertaking by companies without involving a transfer of capital. In simple terms, a business partnership is a collaboration between companies, with the objective of achieving synergies by sharing each other’s know-how, funds, technology, and human resources.

Training and Sales Education

We provide seminars for companies. We will create a plan that meets the needs of your company, such as skill development of employees, training for young leaders, and training for managers and management candidates.

Fundraising Management

It is important for a company to have a high procurement capability. We continuously assess the situation and support you in improving your procurement capabilities.

We will respond appropriately to requests from business companies and clients.


Emphasis on Compliance


Rental Consultation

This system provides real estate companies and professionals with a pay-for-performance program
Compliance and Corporate Ethics Training
Contract Management
Legal Affairs and Training
Sales support for sales companies

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